Friday, April 8, 2011

Outside my window

When I look up from my desk at work this is what I see

There are two pigeons that have built a nest behind the screen on the left. I have enjoyed watching them as they built it. I didn't see the other bird today so I am thinking this is the papa bird and the other one is the mama and she was on the nest- though I am not sure.
Anyway, I was excited when they showed up and started building last month because I love pigeons.

Now I know they make big messes in parks and are not the favorite of statues lounging in those same parks, but I still love them.

When I was a little girl, my great-grandfather had pigeons in his barn. I loved walking past the barn and hearing the pigeons cooing. Have you ever listened to pigeons cooing? I find it rather soothing.

One time when I was in the hospital there were pigeons nesting on the ledge outside my window. I was in the hospital because I was pregnant and my blood pressure was dangerously high and I was close to dying but it was way too early for the baby to be born. I couldn't sleep and that made things worse. When they put me in the room with the pigeons I was able to relax and sleep and go home the next day. Some people might have been annoyed by the pigeons but closing my eyes, hearing the birds brought images of happy childhood times and helped me.

And today when I look out my window and see these two birds strutting on the ledge I can relax and all is right with the world again.

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