Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Review- Onnalee Photography

Once upon a time there were three weeks until a graduation. (ok it was today)
And the graduate wanted some nice, new, shiny photos for announcements (ok, it was me)
So she hired a wonderful photographer for not very much money (unless you count the last 24 years of room and board)

The graduate went to the store looking for a dress after she spent time on the internet searching for the perfect dress
After trying on a bajillion dresses (ok it was really only 22)
She found the perfect one (except it needed a jacket and the perfect jacket belonged with a different dress)

She also decide she wanted the red Mary Jane pumps from Carnival shoe store, but they had them in every size but hers
None of the other stores had them either. But they could get them from a store in Texas that had them. In 5-6 weeks. Maybe. (well they just lost a sale because it was a BOGO sale and now if the bother to get the in I won't be purchasing 2 pair like I probably would have if they had had an online site)

Anyway, she and the photographer set a date and it snowed. Then the next date it rained. Finally they set a no matter what date. And it snowed. Just flurries, but the wind was horrible. But they went anyway after the primping was done.

They took a bunch of pictures (and when they were in one of the parks, the graduate was walking up a hillside and a fallen tree branch tried to trip her and stabbed her in the foot and ripped her brand new nylons to shreds and now her foot is all swollen) and they had fun and froze half to death.

And even though she hasn't seen the pictures yet, the graduate knows the photographer will have taken wonderful photos and she will look marvelous when people open the graduation announcements.

If you need photos taken for any reason- graduation, new baby, wedding, engagement, family photos or just because, may I suggest you try Onnalee Photography. She does On Location, Natural Light Photography and is amazing!!

I'll post some of the photos she took as soon as I have them

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