Friday, June 17, 2011

Freaky Friday

Remember that movie, Freaky Friday? The movie where the mom thinks her daughter has it made because she is young and carefree with no responsibilities and the daughter thinks her mom is the lucky one with no rules and boundaries to life. Then at the same moment they both wish they had the other one's life and they switch places and find out that life is not the bed of roses they thought for the other person.

(this version has it's merits, but I like the original with Jodi Foster as well)

Today's post is supposed to be about who I would like to trade places with for one day and why.

I have been thinking for the last two and a half weeks who I would choose. I have picked and unpicked numerous women, none of them famous and well known, just women in my life that I admire. I am not going to name any one of them in particular but I will tell you why I wanted to trade with them.

They are all strong women. They have various professions in life; mom, educator, writer, salaried postion, hourly work, a broad spectrum across the board. But as I looked at the common thread among them, the thing that made me choose them, the part of their life that I envied and wished I had for me. It is the one area in my life that I allow myself to mourn and cry because I do not have it and I would give so much to even just experience for a small moment- to know how it feels. Something I could take out and remember during the hard times of life.

What is this thing?

They are all married to good, righteous men. Men that they love and that love them. Men that are their friend and whose first thought of the day is to make her life better and happier. And they are all just as willing to do the same for him. In short, even through the hard times, the down times, the sick times, the happy and prosperious times, they love each other more then they love themselves.

While I would not trade the things I have learned, or the person I have become, and especially would not trade my children, I would love to experience that kind of love and happiness, even for just one day.


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