Friday, June 3, 2011

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby

Still having scanning issues, but I did find this picture during one of my awake moments today.

My Dad holding Dawna
My Mom holding me
probably fallish of 1963
In my Grandma's yard?

In other news, The doctor fixed my broken toe this morning. He told me he would take out the extra bone my body had made and he thought that I had a nerve tumor. When he got me open he found that indeed I had made extra bone and he took that off. He also found a nerve tumor. He removed that so I will now have a numb spot on that toe, but the good news is I won't have pain. He also found that the original break had not healed and there was no bone made there. So he reset the break, stitched me up and bandaged me and sent me home to lay in bed until I see him next week when I should be able to start moving more than to the little room.

Ironic news? Target had no open shifts this next week so it was a perfect time to have surgery and recovery time. I didn't have to take any time off. The boss called me about an hour after I got home from the hospital and wanted to know if I could take a shift this afternoon. I laughed and told him I would take any starting Wed. but not today. He laughed when I told him why.

I think God has a sense of humor and my life is his material.

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Dad Mom said...

Yes, Grandma Hulsey's yard. I think this was the day Dad baptized Grandpa Hulsey.