Saturday, June 4, 2011

Habits- Day 4

As I began thinking about habits I wished I didn't have, I couldn't think of any. I wish that was the truth. The truth is I was loopy from the meds the dr. gave me for my foot. It has been 48 hours since surgery and the numbness is finally wearing off of my foot. The pain is not a lot of fun.

Once the pain killers they gave me wore off I thought again of habits and I found plenty of habits I no longer want. I then had to narrow it down to one I was willing to admit to in a public forum. I finally settled on one and began composing the post in my head. I then read my niece's post on the same subject and laughed out loud. 

We are definately related.

My admitted bad habit? I am judgemental.

I have to agree with my niece. There are things that people should just know and when they don't I get irritated. The thing that irritates me the most? Improper grammmer.  Really, we live in an educated society with education available to everyone and when someone refuses to take advantage of that education... well it irritates me.

For instance I had a conversation with another adult the other day and these are just some of the things I heard during that conversation:

We was headed....
I seen him walk...

Now, this person is the same age as I am and graduated from a high school in an urban setting not some rural school in the Ozarks in the 20's.

But what irritates me even more is when I hear these same phrases coming out of the mouths of current students. It seems to me that if one is going to pay for and attend college with the intent to teach students one should use proper grammer. If we expect our students to compete on a global scale shouldn't we teach them the skills needed to do so?

But if you are sitting in my office needing my help, I will put this studpid judgemental irritation aside and help you with what you need.

Then I will change your schedule to an English teacher that will help you.

Indeed. add to kirtsy

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