Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picnic time

Tuesday I had a day off.  Rare because it was a day off from everything- except therapy on my foot which is a vacation, really.
Chores were pretty much done or choosing to be ignored because they woud take more help than was available- like clearing out the storage room. So we had a whole day stretching before us.  I was going to use it to re-braid Brandi's hair, but the girls suggested taking Hunter and going on a picnic.  That sounded more fun that braiding hair or clearing out the storage room, so we got Hunter and then Jake and his friend Dani came home so they went with us, we went to the store and got food and headed up the canyon. 

Here is what an impromtu picnic looks like

Back in December we made gingerbread houses and took pictures. Somehow my camera got icing on the lens cap/shutter thing that opens up to reveal the lens when I turn it on.  I have cleaned it but it still sticks sometimes.
I decided to take a few pictures with it stuck partially shut.
I like the way these turned out

Hunter took this last picture


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