Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Would You...


If you had the chance to go here

And someone else was paying for your plane ticket, hotel room and food and the only thing you had to pay for was any extra daily activities and small incidentals and extras

And they would be working all day because this is a business trip for them so you would have all day to yourself to do whatever you wanted to do

And you have never been here. Or anywhere else like it

And you really, really need a vacation

And your kids are old enough to take care of themselves for seven days

And you have no illusions or delusions about why this other person would be willing to have you there and a looooong and detailed discussion about expectations and results has already taken place

Would you go?


tawnya said...

Uh, yeah. Unless this other person is, you know, Satan.

Dad Mom said...


Noelle said...

I'm with Tawyna!

Jeri said...

it seems like such an obvious answer, that in order for you to even be second guessing the trip and inviting opinions - there must be some major "red flag circumstances" in regard to the person who invited???? go with your gut. It won't really be a vacation if you spend the whole time being uncomfortable about the the situation. if your gut says go - have a great time!

G. Parker said...

Are you kidding??? BIG TIME!! I mean, I've got a hubby to think about, so it would be difficult to leave him, unless it was him going and dragging me along...lol. But heck yeah, you should go!!! Just think of the quality writing you could get done! Let alone the recouperation in the sun!