Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I got a new counseling game.  Ok, its not really a counseling game, but it is great in that setting. Included in the game are some ideas/questions/suggestions of things the participates comment on.  The answers give a lot of insight to the other participants. What the person doesn't say also tells a lot.  Brandi loves playing the game with the deck of cards that deal with the surface topics because it lets us get to know each other better- you know things like "Talk about your favorite food", "If you could spend the next 24 hours doing anything you want, what would that be", "What is your favorite food".
Deck 2 delves a bit deeper.  "If you could make a law that people would live by, what would it be", "If you have ever had a nightmare, tell about it", "What do you do when you feel embarrassed"

I was going through the cards looking for some questions for a group I am running at the school and thought that some of these would be great blog topics when I can't think of anything to blog about. Like today.

So today's question is:
What is an important lesson you have learned about life?

I have learned that no matter how much you plan, expect curve balls and know that things don't always turn out the way you want or imagine they will. And when things happen it is ok to be sad and cry. Everyday if you need to.  But then someday, in the future, you will be happy.

What is your important lesson about life?


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