Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's in your basket?

When I am ringing up your purchases at Target, I try not to pay attention to exactly what it is that you are purchasing.  Truly I do. But sometimes I can't help it. And on those occasions I do try not to judge you, because who knows why you are purchasing said items or if they are even for you or someone else, like your little old aunt that lives in your basement apartment.

And while I try not to judge you, I try even harder not to laugh out loud. And I do try to keep the secret smile to myself.

Like when you come in every week to purchase two dozen iced donuts, three packages of Oreos, a case of Twinkies and a six-pack of Slim Fast.

Or Sparkling Cider and birth control. I always laugh to myself when I say "Thank you and have a nice evening"

Or when you purchase 4 bags of M&Ms, assorted cookies and chips and salsa.  And hot dogs and buns. And Pepto Bismal.

Children's toys, batteries for the toys, earplugs and Excedrin.

And sometimes I find it amusing enough to share with the world.


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