Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halloween is coming

It's October. That means it is time to get out the decorations.  But I am in the middle of painting and getting rid of, and pairing down the things in my home.  But I still wanted to decorate for the holidays.  So after Ethan painted my living room for me the other day, I had him get out the Halloween decorations for me. So even though I still have a few boxes sitting in this room that I need to go through and I still have stuff downstairs that I haven't brought back up I still wanted to decorate. So here you go, my Halloween decorations.

I wanted to do black and white
decor this year.
So I choose to put it on this wall and table.

I love those 4 little ghosts sitting at the front of the table
And I love that they have lights in them
that change colors

I saw this cute decoration and wanted one

This is my version

I want to add a ribbon around the top of the jar

This is the bookcase it is sitting in 

And my mantle.
The spiderweb/pumpkin decoration on the right side
is really on its last leg this year.
I am really going to have
to decide if it goes back
into the box this year or the garbage.
And that makes me sad
because I have had it for
20 years and really love it.
Maybe I'll just have to make a new one



Dad Mom said...

Good job, I really like the calmer paint. Remember it is a small room, just the bear essentials.

Jane Isfeld Still said...

Thanks for the ideas, :) I am always at a loss at Halloween !