Monday, October 17, 2011

Random Randomness

I'm tired. I have been going with the marching band to their competitions.  They are doing great this year and I love their show.  I will go with them tomorrow to The Davis Cup and won't be home till late- midnightish, so I'll still be tired.

Next week I am going with the band to St. George for three days. I am going with the trailer so it will be kind of a mini vacation for me. My own car, my own room and I can decide when I want to be with the kids on their adventures (except for the actual competition)

Guess what was in the mail when I got home today?  This.  I have been waiting ever so long for it.  But I am not waiting till next week to start reading. I would have started already, but I had to work at Target tonight.

My friend, Noelle, and her husband came through my line. It was good to see them, but of course they are worried about their little one.  Send an extra prayer for them if you would.

No school this Thursday and Friday. I think I may be able to  get my yard weeded- finally. and my front entry painted.  and maybe even get my storage room stuff straightned up and put back out of my family room.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow night.

I interviewed a couple weeks ago at a charter school.  I didn't say anything because I have had so many disappointments lately, but I really want this one.  I have no idea why I still don't have a counseling position. I keep saying, "It'll happen when it is right" but I am trying to not get discouraged. Maybe the thing in my life that is supposed to happen when that happens really isn't supposed to happen yet?  Ya, I am just as confused about that sentence.

Well, I am going to go start reading before it is so late I regret it in the morning.



Noelle said...

What I want to know is how you got home and had time to post so fast?

Emily was okay...but we called her nurse practitioner just to make sure. They'll run some blood work tomorrow just to be double sure.

Thanks for the prayers!

Sandra said...

Well, my shift was almost over when you came through, I had the kids turn on my computer so I could check my mail to see if I had something from my missionary when I got home, and everything else was done at home except- check mail, post, read, sleep.

Glad everything was ok.