Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This is what I wore to work
Kinda wish I had worn it for the ward party, too

Brandi went as a Nerd

All the gang at work

I wanted to be a piece of candy.
I choose candy corn because in my mind I had a really awesome idea
and it looked really, really pretty and clever, and cute.
And easy to do.
Some orange tights for the orange bottom of the candy
A fluffy tutu for cuteness
A yellow shirt for the yellow middle (and I already had one)
A white hat for the white top part

I looked in the mirror after I got dressed and knew it wasn't what I was going for.
But I had no time to change because we were already late because I had run some errands after school
So when people guessed I was a duck-
"What a cute duck, why do I never think of these cute ideas?'
"Oh I love your feathers!"
"Not sure what you are, but it is totally you"
Only one person walked around the corner, saw me and said
"Candy corn! I love it!"
(but I suspect he overheard me explaining it to someone else, even though he insists he
knew the minute he saw me)

But I did see a costume that helped me figure out how to do a peacock
and I have wanted to do a peacock of years and years.
So maybe next year there will be no epic fail of a costume

(and besides, this picture makes me look totally fat
and you can't tell I have lost 30+ pounds since May)

Jessica, Allison (Brandi's friend), Brandi

Allison as a Zombie
Brandi as a Nerd

Brandi by herself

Jessica decided at the last moment how she wanted to dress.
She choose to go as Kerli-- a singer from Astonia or somewhere like that

I think she did an amazing job
And here is proof that Jess can wear anything and look good
Even a garbage sack!!


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