Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween costume

I am doing two costumes this year.  I kept asking if the secretaries were doing a theme costume this year as they have in the past. Everyone kept saying "I don't know."  So I decided what I wanted to do and made it.  Friday I got an e-mail saying we had voted and the decision was to do a Pirate theme so please dress as a pirate on halloween.  Thing is- I never voted or even knew there was a vote.  So, what to do- I have a pirate costume in my stash in my closet so that is no problem, but really?  I already made my costume and I wasn't asked to participate in the vote but now I am being asked to participate in the wearing?  So-- do I be obstinate and say, "I asked and you said nothing and I already had a costume." Or do I suck it up and wear the pirate costume (I love mine).

Or third choice- wear the pirate costume to school, then change to the other one for the ward Trunk or Treat?  That is the option I chose. No waves at work and I get to wear both.

So, the second costume? consists of :

Orange tights, Yellow t-shirt and a white cap

Can you guess?

I really hope it turns out the way I picture it in my mind.

Pictures to come.


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L.Jo said...

I'd throw an eye patch on the original costume and go as the Scurvy Dawg Captain Candy Corn . . . but that's just me. :-)