Friday, January 20, 2012

Back up

A few years ago I had my laptop in my bedroom while I worked.  When I was finished and turned it off I had one of the kids take it back to the office to put on my desk.  He turned it loose a little too early and it hit the desk really hard and killed my hard drive.

I learned to get an external hard drive and back everything up.

Which I did.  The last time I did that was in October, though.  And then I took my laptop in to have it's yearly checkup and clean.  I don't think they did everything they were supposed to because it was still giving me the "blue screen of death" every other day or so.  So I was going to take it in this week to have them fix it again because I really want my laptop after surgery.

Yesterday when I got home from work I turned it on to check my mail. 

Black screen with just a curser ominously blinking in the corner.

Had the kids' dad look at it.

He thinks my hard drive died.

So, I am typing this at work.
So I won't have a computer over the weekend because the kids' computer screen died on Tuesday.
So I am definately taking mine in today
So I have no idea if they can recover anything (thankfully it is only a couple months worth of stuff and all the pictures are still on my camera disk)
I still have one payment left on this computer and really don't relish the idea of more payments.
Hopefully- if they can't fix this one- they can just sell me a new hard drive and I won't need a whole new computer because remember that whole healing thing? I really want to heal the bank account and this being paid off was going to be the first step on that path.

Is it ok to pray for my hard drive? Because I am.

So I will not have access to a computer all weekend. And that is ok. I don't mind being unplugged from electronics- I have cleaning, organizing, indoor soccer, laundry... but I will miss e-mail.  And hopefully I will be plugged back in soon.


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