Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So life has been interesting the last few weeks. First my laptop died- the motherboard quit working- just as I made the last payment on it.  I had planned on putting that money towards another debt to get it paid off faster, instead it is going toward another computer.  They just kept telling me that the other computer was "3 years old!!"  Shouldn't they last longer than that?

The good news is this computer is awesome- they tell me it has 1/2 a terabyte of ram. I guess.  I am totally clueless when it comes to understanding that so I will take everyone's word for it. And in the data transfer they were able to keep all my bookmarks! and pictures!  Yay.

I didn't get my house as clean as I would have loved to before I had to go in for surgery, but it was good enough.  Sometime I need to stop giving myself ridiculous deadlines for getting things done because it just causes me stress.

So, surgery. Not a fun surgery.  It was a little over 4 hours long and was a major surgery.  I don't remember being in post op and barely remember bits and pieces of the rest of that day. The next day my blood pressure would not stabilize and was too low- 70/50- and my temp was way too high. And I kept passing out. At first they thought I was bleeding internally but I was too coherent. Through more tests they figured out it was just the anesthesia/spinal block they had used during the surgery.  But I really just wanted to be left alone, but you know how hospitals are- the second my eyes closed someone had to take vital, clean the room, scan the equipment, see if I needed anything...

Finally on Wednesday I was able to be weaned off the oxygen, blood pressure cuff, catheter, internal packing out and external dressing off, take a shower and start walking- an adventure in itself.  I could also finally enjoy all the flowers in my room.  All the nurses would come in an comment on how it smelled and looked like a flower store.  But  I loved it. Then I came home Thursday and have done not much but sleep and walk the hall trying to recover quickly because I can't afford to miss anymore work. Though the doctor wants me to take 5 more weeks off.

However I was never able to be taken off the full liquid diet and still today, 9 days post op, am still having a hard time eating anything other than soup because it makes me sick. And today I have a slight fever. I saw the doctor yesterday. He was surprised at how good I look and how well I am doing.  He did write me a note to go back to work next week with very limited activities.

Then yesterday I hear about this. Guess who's son is a manager at the Poppa John's? And guess who's son was working that night? Guess who thought that once this marine came home from Iraq she could stop being paranoid about him being shot?  I'll be glad when he graduates and gets a real job.

I also found out yesterday that my dream job is probably going to be opening up. But the school has an intern this year.  I was the intern last year.  So there will be competion because I am not a perky, flirty with the boys in the office type.  Prayers for that job to become mine would be appreciated.

Progress on the other matter in my personal life, but still prayers needed for that.  Slow and steady to make sure that the correct healing is taking place and not wishful thinking.

Now I am running a bit of a fever and am feeling a bit tired so I am off to pay bills then take a nap.

So continues my year of healing.


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