Sunday, April 1, 2012

Confernce Sunday

As I have contemplated this conference I wondered what message I would take away. Here we are with one session left and I have been so fed by the message contained for me. I spent the week before praying that I might hear what I needed to hear to facilitate the healing I want for my life. From President Monson's opening joke to the closing song of this morning's session, I have been filled with message after message telling me that I am on the right path and to continue on. And if I cry anymore my eyes may never not be puffy. I have been so prepared that quotes, stories, songs, and even words uttered in my prayers and then later the prayers of the conference have been given to me beforehand.

Yesterday I was thinking about what to post knowing that I will not post my thoughts and impressions from this conference because they are to personal right now. Instead I chose to post the song, Come Thou Fount. I was not surprised when the choir sang it today, another confirmation to me of the myrid of knowledge given to me the past two days.

Think about that. The Lord as a source or fountain of unlimited, ever giving supply of blessings if we will recognize that He is our stone of help and allow our wandering hearts to be bound to him.

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