Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Snap Shot

I have cute grandkids
Just sayin'
I curled my hair this morning- about an hour
before I took this picture.
I hate this stage of a hair cut
Do I let it grow out?
Or give in to the frustration and
get it cut?

Matthew arriving from his mission
with 3 other missionaries also coming
This is the best picture I got because I was so
About 45 seconds after this he was at the bottom
of the escalator, dropped his bag and ran and
scooped me up in a hug.
I still get emotional thinking about it.
He was/is a valiant servant to the Lord.

I have cute kids, too
Too bad Trevor couldn't be there the day we had these taken

And my son has a cute family

This is my Daddy
I took this at my brother's weeding last week
I didn't get one of my mom, though.
I thought I had, but it was only two days after I broke
my hand so I was having a hard time using my camera
Maybe Dad will share some with me soon

This is my brother and his cute bride
and their kids
(minus the 2 that are on a mission/military duty)
Aren't they a cute family?
I only met Val at the wedding and am excited to get to know her

This is my brother and his daughter.
I wish I had gotten Val more in the frame, though.
See above comment about my hand
It is so good to see Everett smiling and happy
Thanks Val, for bringing happiness to my brother


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