Monday, June 25, 2012

Mid year healing

I told you this year was going to be one of healing for me. It has taken weird and different turns than I expected it to. Some I wanted, some I didn't, some came in packages I didn't understand and some others look at from the outside and call me foolish to even entertain them. But they are mine to do with as I see fit and use to heal my body, spirit, mind, health, etc as I and the Lord see fit.

So Saturday we went to the Strawberry Days parade just as we always do. We pulled the band trailer, just as we have for the last 13 years and I was saddened to realize that it was the last year I would do that.

They are getting new uniforms for competitions in the fall
They got these 13 years ago when it was Donovan's first year.

She loves her grandpa

I love my boys

She really didn't like the sirens

When getting ready for the parade I filled a large gallon water jug with ice and water.  Now I never take one to this parade. We sit in the shade, have water on the trailer, it isn't a very long parade and it usually doesn't get too hot before it is over.  But I just filled it and took it with me.  We never used it because Ben hadn't eaten breakfast and gave me some money to get him a muffin and banana when I walked across the street to the grocery store to use the facilities.  I also got each of us a water bottle- even when I knew we had a gallon of it sitting by my chair.

As we were leaving the parade and walked around the corner to the trailer, Ben noticed that something was wrong with a girl just ahead of us.  He saw them just as she fainted and her dad caught her.  He mom started calling for water and I just happened to have a gallon of it with me!  I went into first responder mode (fyi- I am a first responder at the school- not an EMT just first aid and CPR trained) The girl, about 12-13 and skinny as a rail, wearing a long sleeved shirt had riden a horse in the parade as rodeo roalty. She had had nothing to eat or drink all day, had spent the last 1/2 hour standing in the near 100* sun next to the aluminum trailer.  I had her dad get her to drink some water and then we soaked her shirt with the rest of the water to cool her down.  I sent her mom to the store for gatoraid.  When I left she was alert and responsive.  I hope she remembers to eat and drink before she rides in the parade next week for the 4th because it will be longer and hotter.  And I am glad I listened when the Spirit gave me the idea to take the water.

Donovan and Kristina were going to Seven Peaks after the parade and asked us to go with them. Jordan and Hunter tried to talk Grandpa into going but he had to work and he had injured his knee (during the same move when I broke my hand) and he choose to not go.  I hadn't planned on going, and my swimsuit is 10 years old but I figured I could go sit in the shade and watch the grandkids in the kiddie section.

I got there and Donovan and Hunter talked me into going down a slide. Then another one, then another one, then.. see a pattern here?  Just so you know I don't like water that much except to drink, I can't swim, I am scared of heights, I don't like speed but here I was at a water park hiking up stairs to the tops of the scaffolding and getting in a tube, in the water and speeding down to a pool at the bottom.  Time after time.  All it took was Mom! Gandma! Pease?  and I went. And had fun.

And we stayed for 4 hours when we had planned on only 2.  After we got home I realized that I had just spent 4 hours walking around a park in a swim suit and never once thought about that fact.  I am always the person that doesn't take off her cover up unless she is in the pool with water covering her. Or sitting on a chair out of the way so no one can see her.  Always sure that everyone is judging and finding her wanting.  But this day? Not once did I think about it.  And I had fun.

I even let Brandi take a picture of me in my swim suit.

                             Brandi waiting to go in the Lazy River with me

But there is a reason I don't go outside except in the very early morning or late afternoon/evening.  I am allergic to the sun, can't wear sunscreen because it makes it worse and makes me sick, and I have very fair skin.  So now I am healing from this:

I went and got some Aloe Vera stems from my mother in law
But I am still in pain and feel stupid for letting this happen
I don't remember it happening for a very long time because
I am usually more careful than this

I was a bit worried about what to wear to church the next day because it hurts to have anything touch it.  But I was happy to find that this dress that I haven't been able to wear for the last 40 pounds fit and looked great and the back is low enough it didn't touch. Yay!

And the arthritis is not bothering me so I was able to wear my favorite shoes with it

Today the boys and I half way cleaned up the sewing room. We got all the stuff off of the floor that Trevor left and we sorted through things and threw things away and washed blankets and refolded them and put them back in the storage bags.  I still need to clean out the closet and clean off the sewing table, but that is now not so overwhelming with the bulk of it done. (of course I still have the storage room, shed, garage, toy/game shelves, all the cupboards in the kitchen, kids' rooms, but the sewing room is almost done)

Kristina is sick today so I also had the grandkids with me all day.  We were going to take them up the canyon for a picnic, but their other grandma got home from work and took them out for dinner and then took them and put them to bed. But Ethan Jake, Brandi and I went on our picnic anyway.  The kids tried to talk their dad into going, but he had to work- again.

We saw this bird. Does anyone know what it is? I have never seen one before. In fact there was a whole family of them around our picnic table. Jake said I should call them a flock, but it appeared to be a momma, daddy and a couple of babies so I called it a family. 

Ok, you can't see the bird very well in the picture I took, but after a bit of googling I found out what it is. This bird, and Oriole.  Jake took a great picture. Maybe I can steal it off of Facebook and post it.

Here is the picture Jake took of the bird we saw

Anyway, the healing is slow in coming and not shaping up the way I had expected. I thought I would have a counseling job by now, possibly be moved or at least moved on instead I am pulled back and still connected emotionally as well as every other way, no job to go with my degree but two jobs to keep me tired, and the house and yard are taking more time and energy than I have, but I am doing it. One day at a time.


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