Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas list

I haven't made a Christmas list for years and years. Today I thought I would indulge myself and wish for something just for me.
So, my Christmas list that I am mailing to Santa next week.

 Newton's Cradle
 A new house. This one
 Fitbit because my other one died
New Pots and Pans
New silverware
A new t.v.
This in my basement (or someone to help me figure out how to make it a useable space. 20 years is really too long to still not know how to effectively use a room)
Another one of these in red. Driving with the moon roof open, windows down and radio up made me happy.
These or these

I think the jolly old man might be able to find something on this list to put under my stocking, don't you think?


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