Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Magic Shop

Marcus is a troubled youth. When his grandparents decide it would be good for him to tend the family business, a Magic Shop, Marcus is thrown into a world that he never knew existed. Not only is the family business a front, but Marcus learns that he has been marked as a dead man from the time he was born.

Marcus tries to develop his powers before the Dun-Bahr find him and assimilate the magic he was born with. Will he survive? Will he find his parents? First he must discover the secret his grandparents have been keeping from him all these years. It all comes down to what's hidden at the Magic Shop.

"THE MAGIC SHOP is a Middle Grade / Young Adult / Urban Fantasy novel that takes you on a wild ride filled with magical creatures, curious situations, and questionable choices that will keep you turning pages through the night.

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About the Author

Justin was born with an active imagination on a U.S. naval base in Spain, but has spent most of his life in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains of Utah. He is bilingual, and has lived all over the world. He has four children; two boys, and two girls, and one wife. He doesn't have any pets that he's aware of, but his children have been known to hide things under his bed.
In his free time Justin loves to read, write, and play games. He enjoys his close friends, and loves to make people laugh. To learn more about Justin, or his work, you can visit him at justin swapp dot com.

Justin is the author of The Magic Shop. He has also been published in several anthologies, including The Crimson Pact (Volumes 1, 2, and 5), The Memory Eater, and Short Sips: Coffee House Flash Fiction Collection 2.
All of the above I took off of Amazon.  And I need to do a disclaimer here,
 1. Justin is my cousin, his Father and my Mother are brother and sister.
2. He gave me a copy of his book so I could do a review.
3. I really, really liked this book.  I would have liked this book even if 1 and 2 were not true.
4. If you like Percy Jackson, Fable Haven, Maze Runner you will like The Magic Shop
Justin gets us to the action pretty quickly and I appreciate that.  There is a back story but Justin weaves it throughout the story and we discover it at the same time Marcus does.  I appreciate that.  There were times that I was a bit frustrated because I didn't know the back story and so I was confused about what was going on, but so was Marcus so in that aspect Justin was a master at making me feel what the characters were feeling.
There were a couple things that I guessed, but this is a middle grade novel and I am a bit past middle grade.  However there was one HUGE thing that I didn't guess and was as surprised as Marcus.  And then the next thing surprised me even more and I was left hoping that that is a doorway to a next book because I really want there to be a next book.  Is there a next book, Justin? Please say yes because I am waiting for it.
I would recommend this book to you and your children. Go to Amazon and get it now.



swappster said...

Sandra - Yes, there will be another book (and I've started working on it) :) The intro chapter is already written, and I've begun plotting the rest.

Thanks for posting the review, you were very kind, and objective, if I might add. To add to your disclaimer, I would also let everyone know that we have never actually met (perhaps when I was a child?) So, this is is a distant relationship we have that I hope we can shorten at some point. Until then, we can continue to marvel at modern technology.

Cheers, and thanks again!

Sandra said...

Yes, you were very young when we last met in person.