Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Lived in Heaven..

Today in Primary our lesson was "I Chose to Follow Jesus Christ"  and it was the story of the council in heaven when we chose Jesus' plan and not Lucifer.  I was teaching today and was telling them the story:

When we lived in Heaven there was a big meeting.  Who do you think was in charge? (Heavenly Father and Jesus!!)  No, not Jesus, only Heavenly Father.  He told us that he made us a special place because we were all grown up and had learned everything we could learn so we needed to go to an earth so we could learn some more stuff like faith, and repentance and how to be like Him.  But while we were on this earth some bad things would probably happen and we would make some mistakes and some bad choices.  Then He asked us what we should do about that.

Who was at this meeting? (we talked about how everyone in the whole world was there.  No not the fishes and whales only the people and yes, Max Wright, even the people far away in Hawaii were there- his parents are on a vacation there and he was missing them :)   Well, one of our brothers, whose name is Lucifer (yes it is the name of the kitty on Cinderella, yes he was a bad kitty) but our brother's name was Lucifer.  Anyway, he stood up and said that he had a plan. He said that he would go to earth with us and MAKE us all do the right thing and we would never ever make any mistakes and no bad things would happen and then we would all go back to heaven and we would all go to him and tell him how wonderful he is and thank him for forcing us to do the right things.

Then another of our brothers, in fact our oldest brother stood up. Do you know who that was?  Yep, Jesus.  He said that He had a different plan.  He thought that we should let Him go to earth and He would teach us about Heavenly Father and how to make right choices and we could decide if we wanted to Choose the Right or not.  And then when we got back to Heaven we would all tell Heavenly Father how much we loved Him and thank Him for letting us choose.

Well, we then needed to vote and decide which plan to chose.  Which one do you think we chose? Yes, we all chose Jesus's plan.  Well Lucifer was really angry about that and he went around trying to make us all chose his plan and he was mean.  In fact we had a war. (no Josh we didn't have spears and shields because we didn't have a body. But we had words and they were angry words)  And they we so angry that we were all fighting each other and finally Heavenly Father said that because Lucifer couldn't follow the rules and was making a fight then he couldn't live with Heavenly Father in Heaven anymore and he was kicked out of Heaven and everyone that was wanting his plan was kicked out too.  And then Heavenly Father told them that because they were kicked out they could never be born and never get a body. (at this point little Josh Beck had the beginnings of tears in his eyes and he said "that is really so sad". It almost made me cry)  And when he was kicked out he got a new name.  Now we call him Satan.   (this was the first time that they realized that he was our brother and lived with us in heaven and it made them really sad and I thought It is really too bad that we don't always feel that way about our brothers and sisters that are making poor and wrong choices just as I am sure we did feel that way before we were born but now we just criticize and condemn instead of feeling sorry and helping and praying for them. I think our world would be different if we could remember this small fact)

How do we know that we chose Jesus' plan?  We got something that those that didn't choose His didn't get.  Yes, we got a body and that is how we know that we choose to follow Jesus.

It was a simple lesson, but for 5 year olds it was profound and it really touched me how the little light bulbs were coming on and how much they felt sorry for those that chose poorly.  They really are sweet little souls and I am so privileged to be their teacher


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