Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby steps, baby steps

I am thinking about attending a singles party this weekend.  I am equally excited and scared out of my mind.  It has been so long since I attended any party that wasn't just a girl's thing or couples thing and I am just not sure I know how to do this anymore.  

Part of me wants to dance around and can't stop smiling at the thought.

Another part of me is afraid that I will embarrass myself silly or start crying with overwhelm.

And yet another part of me wants to run to the bathroom and throw up at the thought.

Then there are the questions.  Oh, the questions- what do I wear? Does this make me look fat? What will we talk about? What if they play games I don't know how to play- you know something that involves knowing about sports or celebrities or movies or, or, or?  What if we have to choose teams for a game and I get chosen last?  What if I snort when I laugh? What if the cute guy doesn't like me?

Ok, now I feel the need to go sit in class with some of my students because they ask me these questions every day and I ALWAYS know how to help them.

Maybe I'll just finish this break by opening that bottle of bubbles that is sitting on my desk and blowing my anxiety away.

I can do this, I can do this, I can do this


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