Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bits and pieces

So in response to what the doctor told me, Karlene said:

I had no idea you were dealing with that as well. I'm amazed you can do as much as you do! You must be an Amazon Woman.

Ha, that really cracks me up. But this is what I have learned. Red headed women have a higher tolerance for pain than other women do. We just don't feel it the way other women do. However, when we do feel it, we need higher doses of medication to dull it. I guess it is one more reason to thankful to have been born a redhead. But I guess that is the reason that the little piddly meds didn't cut it for me.

It started off spring and warm and happy this morning. As the day has gone on, however, it has grown increasingly windy and cold. I think a storm is coming in.

My mom told me last night that there is going to be a new LDS temple in Gilbert, AZ. Cool. I got an -mail from Deseret saying that there are going to be 2- the one in Gilbert and one in Gila Valley. Click here to read the article.
I know I had more to say when I was thinking about this post this morning, but I did an Urban Botanic workshop and now I am in the midst of laundry and Jess wants me to take her shopping for Sunday Shoes and everything has left my mind. So, I guess I will throw another load in the dryer and one in the washer and head out for shoe shopping.

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