Thursday, June 5, 2008

A closer look

Sharon tagged me last week. It took me awhile to get the pictures. I was going to have Jessica (click over there and see her new photo blog if you haven't yet. You will be amazed at her skills) photoshop them, but she is busy so, here we go without her help.

1. My kitchen sink
I was going to wash all the dishes and then take the picture, but let's get real here- This is what my sink always looks like. It is always full. Always. And I hate that. No matter if I do dishes right before I go to bed, they jump out of the cupboard, mess themselves up and then arrange themselve in a messy out of order pile in the sink. Matt, what a great son he is, knows how waking up to dishes in the sink makes me grumpy. For my mother's day present, he stayed up, caught the dishes in their nightly romp, cleaned them up, scrubbed the sink and countertops and stove so that I could get up to a sparkling kitchen. Best present I ever got. Love you son.

2.Inside My Fridge

Yesterday the milkman came, but I will probably have to buy at least 1 gallon to get us through to next Wed. I need a cow.

3.My favorite shoes

These look a little worse for the wear and well they should. They were my Grandma Swapp's shoes and she gave them to me when I was in high school. I wore them all the time during high school and college and after for about 3-4 years. They are starting to fall apart. The shoe laying down has a split down the side and I need to take them to a cobbler to be fixed. I keep looking for another pair, but can't find exactly what I want. Just a side note- in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, Karen Allen's character wears a white pair just like this in the scene where she and Indie are thrown into the tomb by the Nazis.

4.My Closet

notice Trevor's uniforms hanging from the door.

5. My Laundry pile- the scariest pictures of the whole post

The laundry room is a couple of bi-fold doors in front of the machines and is part of the family room. I have tried many different ways to help with the never ending supply of dirty clothes, here is the latest. They were empty 2 days ago, I promise.

And I have no idea why the clothes that are in there are not sorted properly. JAKE, you need to do your chore so I can do mine!!

I have moved the bookcases to make a "wall" between the laundry and the family room. Here is where I would like some shelves to hold the baskets.

6. What my kids are doing right now
Jake playing the PSP

Brandi headed to clean her room- yet again (still? finally?)
Jess filling out college financial aid/scholarship applications.

In all truth though, since I started this post, things have changed. My house is never quiet for long and now is no exception. Ethan is in the front room playing the piano, Jake is downstairs playing the drum set. I guess I should just be glad that the tuba is still in it's case!

7. My favorite room

Ok, so that porch is really not mine, but someday I will have a house with a porch like that and it will be my favorite room, I promise. I love sitting on the porch.

I really don't like my house at all. It is poorly designed and laid out an doesn't flow well at all. And it has too much stuff in it that need constant cleaning. But, if I have to choose a room in this house that is my favorite, it would be my front room. Thanks, Sharon for helping me make it liveable.

8.My most recent purchase
A dress for my niece's wedding. But, since it is white and I don't want to upstage the bride the jacket I find to go with it needs to be a color. I am thinking red to go with my new shoes.

9. My fantasy vacation.
I would go somewhere that the buildings are old. Like Ireland. I want to feel the oldness and experience the history.

Or somewhere with a beach where I can relax and have nothing to do and all day to not do it.

10. My Self Portrait

I need a haircut. And maybe a body perm. Or a hat.

I am going to tag Gaynell (and I will get to the tag that you just tagged me with), and Josi and I agree with my sister, Tawnya, if we tag Mom and Loretta will they get their blogs up and running?


ShazBraz said...

1. I have to have a clean kitchen in the mornings too. I just hate it--HATE IT--to come downstairs in the morning to a dirty kitchen. The whole rest of the house can be a wreck and I'm ok as long as the sink is clean.

3. As soon as I scrolled down to those I said, "hey! those are grandmas shoes!" They're so pretty!

5. I spent all day doing laundry on Monday so I could for sure get it all hung and dried, since I knew it would rain the rest of the week. That night, the little laundry basket I keep upstairs was already full and I just stared at it for a full minute trying not to cry...

6. Wait, is Jess in college right now? Where is she going to go? I think I'm having a brain fart...

Sandra said...

Yah, Jess is in college. She is headed to Provo college to get her degree in graphic design and photography. Check out her new blog that I linked to in this post. She took all the photos!

Karlene said...

Hey, my dishes do the same thing! I blame angry kitchen elves.

Josi said...

Oh, that was very cool! I'll work on the answer to this after the blasted yard sale is over. I love getting insight into people's lives so this is fun. thanks for the tag.

tawnya said...

The best deal I ever made was that I do all the laundry, Isaac does all the dishes. I no longer care what the sink looks like!

Anonymous said...

OK #1 you seriously stole Grandmas shoes from me (teehee) & #2 when my computer is fixed I plan on having 1 of the 2 sisters living here help me set up a blog so it actually gets done, maybe at some point..... Loretta

Josi said...

Finally did it :-) Thanks for the tag

Kimberly said...

This is such a neat meme! What a great way to show an honest portrait of you and your life to your readers.

I may do it too.

After I tidy up a bit. =P