Friday, January 23, 2009

To post or not to post

I was going to do a great post tonight, but I just walked in the door with Matthew after his MRI and I have to leave in 1 hour to do my public sleeping thing. I still haven't packed my bag. So maybe I should do that instead of checking in with you all.

Coming soon:

More parenting tips

Book reviews

Book club photo and chat

Final grade for Human development, discussion on Cultural Diversity

And who knows what else.


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David G. Woolley said...

Bring it on!

tawnya said...

How was his MRI?

Sandra said...

Tawnya- it took about 30 minutes and we now have to wait for someone to read it. Not sure if I want them to find something or not. If they find something then I have the worry of a problem in his brain. Brain stuff is tricky to operate on. But if they don't find something then we have to keep digging to find it.

Is it depression? nutrition? environment? spiritual? And so much to worry about. Do you want to do it for me?

Dave- you got it. As soon as I finish these papers.

Sandra said...
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