Friday, June 10, 2011

That Song in my Head

Day 10
Songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

You would think this one would be easy since I have stated that music has played such a big part of my life. But this one is kind of hard because music has played such a big part of my life. There is always a song playing in my head. Sometimes I tune in to what is playing there and think, "this song? really? what brought that one to the fore?"  When I turn music on I have to stop and think about what kind of music I am in the mood to listen to. And I know I have told you that I listen to the radio by surfing stations to find a song I am in the mood to listen to.  So, I will try and find at least one song representative of the lists I have for each of these moods.

Wait while I pull up my iTunes playlists so it will be easier
Ok, all pulled up and ready. But I am going to go backward so we end on a happy note instead of mad.

MadOk, I don't know how old this one is I just heard it for the first time last night and as soon as I got home I downloaded it on iTunes and put it in my playlist for this type of song.

And you actually get two for this category because, well just because
I sometimes put this one on repeat when I am particularly mad

And just one more because I have been mad this past week so these are on the mind

Oh this could be about anything and it depends on why I am hyped- It's Christmas and I am decorating my house? Easter? A work thing, something new coming my way, a party... So it depends. It would have to be something upbeat, something to tap my toes to or dance to.

I would say Black Eyed Peas, or Train but I am tired of their songs, they are way overplayed here. If it was Christmas I would have to choose Mannheim Steam Roller.
Oh, wait, I know! Turn the volume up and hope you have someone that knows how to cha-cha at hand or just embarass your kids by dancing by yourself in the kitchen.

Or turn the radio up and roll the windows down while driving on a back country road which I was wont to do when I had my little red sports car. I really miss that car.

Hmm, put the iPod/iTunes or Pandora on shuffle and take what I get. Let me do that know and see what we get

Or you can hear it played by Jacob here

Again, depends on why I am sad.

or maybe

I was going to post a Michael Buble video, but embedding is disabled. But anything by him, or Jim Brickman, or this one- it always makes me smile. Or whistle and tap my toes. And think of growin' up and spending summers in the little mountain top town of Luna, New Mexico (yes the one that is in the news right now because of the fire in AZ.)

Indeed. add to kirtsy

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