Saturday, June 11, 2011

There's A Hole in the Bucket

Day 11
Bucket List

Bucket lists have been popular for a while now. I have been meaning to get mine out of my head and onto paper but something always gets in the way. So I guess that could be the first thing I could cross off my list- writing the list.

  1. Travel somewhere that I have to use a passport. Preferably somewhere really old and with castles- like Ireland or Scotland
  2. Get a passport
  3. Visit all the American History sites- Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Boston...
  4. Visit church history sites
  5. Buy or build my dream house
  6. Have my mom and sister come decorate it for me
  7. Be truly out of debt
  8. Be married to a man that loves me as much as I love him and is my friend
  9. Read a Jane Austin book all the way through (I have started but never had the time to get in the rhythm of the language)
  10. Go to a professional soccer game
  11. Finish the quilt I started when I was a teenager
  12. Run a 5 K
  13. Visit the Mayan ruins
  14. Visit Australia
  15. Take my kids to Disneyland
  16. Take a whale watching cruise in San Diego
  17. Go on a Carribean Cruise
  18. Take a hot air balloon ride
  19. Learn to swim
  20. Go to Hawaii
  21. Win a yard of the month contest
  22. Go to a furniture store and buy what I want without having to look at the price tag
Ok, that is going to be a good start. I have more, I know, hidden away and I will find them and add them to the list

Indeed. add to kirtsy

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